Berin Tuzlić

Berin Tuzlic was born in Sarajevo in 1968, where he finished elementary and high school. His high school interest in assisting a Gazelle helicopter pilot as an aviation mechanic did not stop him from graduating at the Zagreb. Academy of Animation, and then completing his Master’s Degree in “A Film” from Copenhagen, as well as receiving his doctorate with the thesis “Why animation is drawn” two years ago in TelAviv.

Berin Tuzlic has won many awards, from America to Europe, for his short animated art films. He is also the author of over 50 comic strips. He has won a number of awards in the field of advertising, produced on behalf of the Advertising Agency Via Media Sarajevo / Dubai, which he is the co-owner of.

Berin is a Board Member of ASIFA International at the United Nations. The only global association for animation, ASIF has 58 members.


Berin Tuzlić was an honored guest of Jilin University in ChanChun in October and November 2023.

He presented himself and his work in the field of animation, Pan animation, visual rhetoric and movement.



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