Berin Tuzlic


Berin is a prime example of chasing and pursuing your passions. I always believed that you should make your hobbies your profession and Berin epitomizes that.
Karim Rashid
President of Karim Rashid Inc.
I met many creatives during my career, and among them, Berin is probably the most creative person I've ever met. His versatility and talent to create new styles and artistic expressions that he matches with pioneering technologies, make him a real creative of the new era.
Veljko Golubovic
Executive Creative Director at New Moment New Ideas Company
Working with Berin is an experience that brings unexpected creativity linked with technology. When you think it is impossible to connect something, Berin surprises you. His insightful communication that combines creativity and technology allows you to always get unexpected, modern and bold creative work in accordance with the latest technological achievements.
Varavara Ljeskovic
Senior Corporate Communication Expert Deautche Telekom AG
A few days ago I went with a friend who works in advertising to see the exhibition of 20th century art in Moscow’s New Tretyakov gallery. Watching the exhibits, we concluded that the art directors of today are sadly no longer trained to make or create anything. They are just trying to mimic things - manipulate them to mske them appear certain way. And then I thought of Berin. He is one of the few people in the business that actually is a genuine artist, first and foremost. He makes new things. Add to that his fascination with new technologies, and you get a guy who is incredibly relevant today as well as he was relevant yesterday. All in all, a true renaissance ad-man. They don’t make them like Berin anymore.
Tino Andic
Director Strategic Marketing O’Key Group